Time flies

I hadn’t forgotten about this little blog-ette, however it hasn’t exactly been top of my to do list, or even anywhere near it. Time has passed since I first wrote about my sewing machine. Things have changed a little. I’ve moved to a new house with more space and a lovely room that the sewing machine can live in. I’ve established that it’s definitely a 66k that I have. I know that I can’t lower the feed dogs or sew backwards but apart from that all things are possible. I’ve bought an awful lot of fabric. Seriously. For someone who thinks they don’t shop I managed to shop a fair amount. With wonderful intentions of course, but still. I also have recycled/reused some fabric, so it’s not all bad.

After wrestling with the tensions for a while I lost heart and gave up. Moving house doesn’t exactly leave time for hobbies anyway.

I managed to find a local guy who used to work for Singer years ago, he came round and has serviced it for me. The tensions are now spot on and it runs like a dream. His name is Mike and he can be found in Slough in case anyone else has need of a Singer-Wizard. We had a lovely chat about the Singer sales model and history of the company. He said that he’d been around the private collection somewhere in Dorset/Somerset(?), I was fairly green at that point. It was wonderful to chat to someone who properly understood the machine and the company. He’s got a couple of other family sewing machines now too that he’s going to try and put back into action for me. He understands that I’d rather pay to repair than pay to buy a new one. An old fashioned attitude perhaps but I won’t apologise for it. What could you buy these days that would still be working as well in fifty or a hundred year’s time?

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