Hurtling towards the end of the year

Christmas has come round rather too quickly for my liking. I’m not quite ready for it. Give me another month, we could have it at the end of Jan instead. That would be quite nice. I had all sorts of good intentions around home made gifts, which hinged on the sewing machine being functional by now. It’s not, so there are no handmade gifts. The only sewing I’ve done recently was making a very rudimentary bag to go with the childs game I bought from ebay. I did watch Kirstie’s homemade show – I alternated between fascination and shouting at the tv. I think entering something you made with an expert’s help for a competition is cheating. And I think the fact that she won was a crying shame for the other crafters who’d made their projects alone, unaided.

The worst thing about this Christmas being here again so soon is that I’m still sick, my delightful usual symptoms have been augmented by a cold/sinus infection which has left me green and exhausted, also feeling guilty for all the work I’ve not done recently. Somehow in the next week I need to get healthy, catch up on proper work, house work, OU work and general festive preparations. I fear I won’t manage all those things in one little week.

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