Another weekend…..

This week’s been so long and horrible I can hardly remember being so relieved that the weekend’s finally here. Have done a little more research into my thread bunching issue, but haven’t yet done anything about it. Am frantically trying to squeeze enough studying into my week so that I don’t feel like a complete wastrel. Luckily my journey each day forces me to sit and concentrate on something, chemistry is just as absorbing as knitting — which is now reserved for evenings at home whilst chatting or watching tv. Was just reading the blog of someone I know who’s running the marathon. I so nearly went for a run this morning, but a split second of indecision was my undoing. Tomorrow. First thing. That’ll help the general feeling of having ‘done’ things. Somehow housework and mundane things like shopping seem to eat too many hours and constantly need doing. Wow. That’s quite a dull post I wrote there. My apologies if you read this far. Go do something productive. It’s what I’m about to do.

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2 Responses to Another weekend…..

  1. Polo says:

    I find being productive can make a bad week much better 🙂

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