Free Knitting Patterns – Farrow Rib Scarf.

Picked up a bargain at the knit and stitch show – am using Farrow rib to construct a scarf for dear friend who bought me the Singer. It keeps me busy on the train/bus. But I’ve spent more time kniting than playing with sewing machine in the last couple of weeks. Partly because I’m still under the weather and knitting’s more sedate than trying to coax the sewing machine to sew, partly because I’ve been getting back late so am wary of disturbing neighbours with too much noise.

I’ve installed the treadle belt – it wasn’t too hard. I undid the staple on the old one, used a small bulldog clip to link the new and old belts, then guided the new through the mechanism and pulled the old out gradually. I used a large bulldog clip on the other end of the new belt to stop it being pulled into the machine, finally joined them with the staple. Had to hammer a needle through the leather to make a hole through which I could feed the staple, before closing it with pliers. Not too technical at all.

I also oiled it, put in a new needle and bobbin and gave it another polish. Threaded it up and had an experimental sew. Had to change both tensions a few times to stop the thread snapping, but still have problems. I think it’s related to the tension. What happens is – I can sew ok for a bit, the stitches on top look fine. But the underneath isn’t – it’s a mess of bunched threads which can be pulled apart quite easily. I’ve read a fair few diagnoses online, I suspect it’s a tension issue, or the fact that I wound the bobbin by hand (uneven). I’ll try machine winding a bobbin, if that doesn’t solve it then some logical tension testing (I can feel a lab style notebook may be required….will try to resist more moleskins…) and failing that, it’ll be a complete breakdown and strip clean. Which I know I’ll need to do sometime anyway, was just hoping it wouldn’t have to be immediately.

Will have another play over the weekend and see if I can’t get it going properly. Have things to sew. Getting impatient about it again.

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