Invasion of mice

So. Parcel should arrive in the morning. New parts to install. Should be fun.

Have entertained myself (procrastinated, as I should have been doing something else…)by knitting mice for Battersea rescue cats. I made a few up as a test in the beginning – gave them to my cats to see if they were interested in them – also to test durability. I’ve been knitting outsides for a fair few weeks now on my way to and from work. Sometimes in the evenings. They’re really easy, quick, and fit in my handbag easily. I don’t know how many I’ve done but the box holding them is looking quite stripy. I’m going to ask a couple of friends to help make them up – add eyes, whiskers, stuffing, a seam and a tail. But first I need the sewing machine to be able to make the little catnip pouches easily. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

The Fluff didn’t seem too bothered by them…


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