Sourcing bits and bobs

So. My beautiful machine has been in the living room for a couple of weeks now. I’ve polished the wood with beeswax and dusted/cleaned it.

It needs some new parts. Nothing major. Not surgery or anything. Just a new treadle belt, some bobbins, needles and a bit of oil to keep it sweet. I’ve been looking online to find a place from which I can order all that I need. I found it at the weekend, but their site crashed on me and I was too impatient to put all the sundries I’d looked at back in the online basket. I called them yesterday afternoon. I was helped by a wonderfully sounding Geordie guy (they are in Newcastle….I found it odd that I couldn’t find somewhere in London to sell me things, but hey, internet shopping is not bound by geographical constraints). He was able to find my ‘lost’ online basket and read everything back to me. I was a bit indecisive but he was very patient and let me make up my mind without hurrying me. He apologetically explained that we’d missed that day’s shipping deadline so it’d be dispatched the next day. The next day! I didn’t feel the apologetic tone was warranted, but I appreciated it nonetheless. Oops. I’ve strayed from my original intention of writing about my sewing adventures into the murky world of customer service. I’ll try to refrain from doing that too often. That’s a whole other blog. But have won my business for now.

Hopefully in the next couple of days the nice post lady will bring all the bits and pieces and I’ll put some pictures up of the process of fitting them.

The only thing I didn’t order which I will need is a patchworking foot. I wasn’t entirely sure if the snap on kind would be compatible with my machine so I’ve not ordered anything yet. I can measure out the seam and pop a bit of masking tape on the base initially – there are tape marks on there to be cleaned off so I won’t be doing any harm.

I’m very excited to get it working!

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